Can We All Just Get Along?


“Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him.”
Leviticus 19:17, KJV

“…I believe the issue is… more than just the color of our skin, you know? I believe that it’s good and evil… I mean, I know it’s a lot about haves and have nots, you know? But it’s deeper than that. It’s good and evil…”
Ruby Bridges, The View, 1.18.2016

Hey, everybody. I have a serious question to ask, and I hope someone can give me a true, legitimate answer. Why do White people hate Black people so much? Seriously. Can I get a White person or a group of White people to finally keep it 100 for 2016? All jokes aside. Tell the truth and shame the devil. I really wanna know, once and for all, why do y’all HATE us so much? Of course, I know that ALL White people don’t feel this way, but a lot of y’all do, and I’m calling you out to explain. Now, if the chocolate-friendly Caucasians have some insight on why their less tolerant vanilla brethren continue to block our shine, bite our swag and blow us away, then by all means, drop some knowledge! But I would rather hear the raw, uncut, brutally honest truth from the elusive majority who have cleverly hidden their real feelings for the past 50 years.

Earlier this week, we celebrated the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the most prolific icon of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. If you identify yourself as an American citizen, you should know this man. In his most recognizable speech, ‘I Have a Dream,’ Dr. King fervently wished that his children would live to see a much different America than the one in which they all had lived up to that point. I guess he knew it wouldn’t change in his lifetime, so he just expressed his hope for his children to experience a better life. Sadly, for many, the dream of a better America died on that hotel balcony with Dr. King, when he was assassinated in 1968, by a White man. Dr. King PEACEFULLY protested the cruel and inhumane treatment of Black people across this nation, only to be shot down in cold blood like some criminal. Why, white people? Why?

And even though Black people were heartbroken and devastated by the tragedy of Dr. King’s death, we didn’t band together and go around snatching up white men and boys to lynch or terrorize! No. We wept and prayed for our fallen leader and continued to wonder why, why do these people still hate us so much?

If we go back to the earliest record of Black people in this country and scan through the years to get to modern day, you won’t find a single instance of us being in charge of anything significant involving Blacks and Whites, ever. I’m talking political, financial, educational, judicial, religious, NOTHING. And yet in still, Blacks have never risen up as a collective whole and launched a counterattack on Whites for the centuries of abuse we have suffered at their hand. I mean, we didn’t get on ships and set sail across the ocean to capture and enslave White people! You guys did that to us! You stripped us of any cultural or familial ties we had to our homeland and each other and forced us to adapt to a whole new world. And we did. Then y’all threw freedom to us as if you were throwing a bone to a dog, and expected us to be grateful for separate but ‘equal’ opportunities, WHICH WE WERE, and we still got lynched, raped, murdered, oppressed. So again, I ask, why do y’all hate Black people so much?

Ok, so I’m sure there are many White people who will argue that slavery and Jim Crow are antiquated values of the past. They might even say that we live in an equal opportunity society now, where anybody can be whatever they choose to be, clearly, because we have a Black President! And if that ain’t a sign that times have changed, then just what are Black people still complaining about? Well, let’s see, Donald Trump continues to rise in popularity. He’s anti-Muslim, anti-Mexican, but pro rich White man. When has that type of political power ever helped or benefitted Black people? Or what about the acquittal of all these police officers involved with killing unarmed Black boys? George Zimmerman wasn’t even a cop and he killed Trayvon Martin, but never spent a day in the penitentiary. The protests in Ferguson looked like clips from the movie, ‘Selma,’ which took place in the early 1960s. The American Ballet Theatre, established almost 80 years ago, just last year named Misty Copeland as its FIRST African American principal dancer. The students of the University of Missouri led peaceful protests and marches in an effort to eliminate racism on their campus. Remember the frat boys of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Oklahoma singing chants about lynching niggers? And then finally, there’s Dylann Roof, the blatantly racist, Confederate flag wearing White man that shot and killed 9 Black people in a church, of all places. All national incidents, all dealing with racial issues that should no longer be an issue with present day society. And still I ask myself, in all of this, what did we, as Black people, do to warrant this type of treatment? Why, oh why do White people hate Black people so much?

I watched Jada Pinkett-Smith eloquently scoff at the Academy Awards for overlooking the contributions Black people have made to film for 2 years in a row and I listened to the criticism directed towards my POTUS, Barack Obama for his entire presidency, and I realized, neither fame and money, nor power and prestige can change the hearts of wicked, racist people, but God can. And if I never get an answer to my question, I will remain faithful to the Lord as those who have gone on before me. Until next time…

11 thoughts on “Can We All Just Get Along?

  1. I experienced hate from “them” in middle school, Edison Middle School, Tulsa, OK. But I can remember being as young as 5yrs old my father informing us of our extended history as Black Americans building this country through slavery and politics to our Empires, Democracys, and Dynastys of Africa. What my father instilled in me was to be the best person I can be in all situations and to keep God’s truths. Which is why I never #gad what “they” thought or feel of me and all my people and our cultures. The questions and thoughts you share is so very relevant. Working 16yrs in my professional career I experience this from “them” almost everyday. Well….not exactly hate, more like “their” discomfort. I can feel it from some of them. “They” are uncomfortable when “they” see me, when “they” first encounter me…..I think the shit is funny LOL! However, I just be myself. I speak. I’m already a naturally smiley person. Once “they” have that encounter with me, “they” become comfortable. I’ve even had several tell me about their discomfort because they never been around a black person until me. So speaking of myself, I think my inner secure, spiritual, optimism and big faith leaps out at “them”. Why would “they” hate “us” for that? I’ve been a triple minority throughout this career….a black, female, scientists. Maybe that’s my threat! Haa! Loving my power!

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  2. I have no answer for your questions but I understand where your coming from. I know that all white people don’t hate blacks, but there truly needs to be healing and reconciliation for us to grow as a nation.

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  3. Sigh. It’s all unfortunate and ridiculous. To hate a person let alone a whole group of people over something that they have no co trip over. Hate is taught. No child ever comes out hateful. And it’s a terrible burden to pass down to your children to walk around and be so hateful. Very well written!

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  4. Part of the problem is that we lack understanding. In order to understand and appreciate each other, the desire must first be there. I love diversity, and I’m curious about other cultures. I’m not sure how curious the majority are about us.

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  5. In a perfect world, getting along with everyone would be ideal. Even agreeing to disagree would suffice. I always pray for our nation to be better people and grow. In the mean time, I ficus on how I can be a better person.


  6. You can’t kill or out live an ideology. And that’s the problem. This country was founded on an ideology of separatism and discrimination. Even as we make strides there will be traces of this ideology that remains with every generation. We will survive this, but not without a struggle. Stay strong.


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